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Toddler Club Summer & Winter


Our Toddler Club runs Monday to Friday from 9am - 12pm


Saanenland Adventure Day


Each week we discover a new and exciting location in the Saanenland and, weather allowing, our activities will take place in this location. Discovery possibilities are unlimited with a beautiful spot in the mountains turning into the best playroom imaginable. The children will be exploring the region throughout the whole term. With these discoveries, a wall of the Saanenland will be created as our summer or winter project, which will be revealed to the parents at the end of each month.


Early Years Physical Education Program


We make the most of our alpine surroundings, using the local region as our tool for development. Our physical education program in the summer term focuses on dance and rhythmical movements, balance bike and scootering. In winter we engage in snow activities such as snow play, sledging and skiing. We are keen to construct a positive attitude towards physical activity and to the mountain environment through a playful approach. Children are led to progress on the basics with fun movement preparation that are applied with respect to the child’s growth and development. Coordination, balance, rhythmical skills and endurance will be developed throughout the early year's physical education program.


Children's Fantasy Takeover


Children live in the moment and we are 100% confident about the benefits of simple play. We let the fantasy grow wild and nurture these precious moments of flow when the children are deeply in their world. Our teachers help to initiate these special times with music, story or costume role play. 


Sharing is Caring - we play as a team


The core of this program is to create a solid foundation based on sharing and working with each other. Self-awareness and empathy are the building blocks of the program. The activities are always designed to include everyone and urge the children to communicate, share and have fun together. 


Nature Discovery


Experience the pristine Alpine nature through the 5 senses. This program is designed to connect our little toddlers to the nature in new and exciting ways through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.


Summer Dates 2024

3rd June - 27th September (Monday to Friday)

Winter Dates 2023/24

11th December - 29th March (Monday to Friday)

Membership Fee

Weekly fee - CHF 800.-

4 Week fee - CHF 2'800.-

Weekly pickup and drop-off - CHF 150.-


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