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'Like a boomerang, life always throws back everything you put into it'


Being located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, what better than to deliver a personal program for children which combines all the best activities and makes the most of the great outdoors. The Boomerang Club Gstaad is for those who don't want to be lost in a crowd and want to express and develop themselves in a personal and caring environment. 


We find it invaluable to teach children respect for others with the philosophy that everyday interactions and how you deal with those, whether positive or negative, will return back to you. In our perspective, this is reflected in everything you do such as the attitude and effort you put into each task of your everyday life. One of the main themes throughout the Boomerang Club, is to allow your child to have enough time on each activity and personal support to fully participate in all programs offered. Our daycare professionals lead children through amazing days out experiencing real adventures.



Ms. Marika and Ms. Pupik


Boomerang Club summer program is sure to be one real and exciting adventure. Every summer our activities are based around the main theme and this year, we are thrilled to announce Boomerang Club's Portal To Other Worlds! Get ready for a journey full of exciting challenges, costumes and fictional characters. Throughout this adventure and fun activities, the children will  feel fully immersed in the fantastic worlds Boomerang Club has created for them.



Boomerang Toddler Club is a place where magic happens as soon as you step through the door. A heart-warming welcome from Veronica and Singi awaits you each day - our toddler club leaders and loving mothers understand the childrens' needs and can relate to parents' expectations. Toddlers from 1 to 3 years old will experience, learn, and explore under a professional supervision and with an excellent pedagogical program.


Our Winter Camp offers an exciting and diverse program, combining the joy of winter sports with exciting activities. From skiing adventures led by our instructors to afternoon winter-themed games and creative workshops, each day promises a delightful blend of skill-building and fun.

Your children will receive personalised attention and guidance on and off the slopes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Watch them conquer the snow with confidence and embrace the magic of winter like never before!


Embark on a day of winter wonder with our brand-new, combined program for children aged 3 -10 years old. The perfect mix of skiing with the Swiss Ski School Rougemont / snowboarding with Pure Snowboard School and a magical afternoon program for your little ones with Boomerang Club!

 Choose between group lessons package from Monday to Friday or have a one on one with the instructor. Our all-inclusive program from 9 am - 4 pm covers pickup (private lessons only), lunch and drop-off, ensuring your child's day is not only filled with excitement but also effortlessly convenient for you. 


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