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'Like a boomerang, life always throws back everything you put into it'
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Being located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, what better than to deliver a personal program for children which combines all the best activities and makes the most of the great outdoors. The Boomerang Club Gstaad is for those who don't want to be lost in a crowd and want to express and develop themselves in a personal and caring environment. 


We find it invaluable to teach children respect for others with the philosophy that everyday interactions and how you deal with those, whether positive or negative, will return back to you. In our perspective, this is reflected in everything you do such as the attitude and effort you put into each task of your everyday life. One of the main themes throughout the Boomerang club, is to allow your child to have enough time on each activity and personal support to fully participate in all programs offered. This can be achieved thanks to a small number in a group. Our daycare professional leads maximum 4 children through amazing day out experiencing real adventures.



Ms. Marika and Ms. Pupik


During summer the program varies every day but always corresponds with the theme of the day. We have Mountainy Mondays when the main purpose is to get children outside, connect them with nature and animals. On Touring Tuesdays we use bikes, in line skates or scooters to discover new places. Waterslide Wednesday is a day full of tobogganing, splashing, and diving. Team up Thursdays develops teamwork, cooperation, and creativity. Finally, Fearless Friday brings a huge range of challenges to overcome. 

During winter we offer morning skiing program and a variety of fun activities in the afternoon. "Wow Weekends" can be tailored to provide the best experiences depending on your child's ability and preferences. Connection to the outdoors and the development of skills are key components in our programs that are reflected throughout winter and summer activities.



With Boomerang Club, my two children and their friends have always had days full of adventure and fun, exploring the beauty of nature under the kindest care possible. Offering many different activities, with great flexibility to please all age groups and interests , Boomerang Club is the guarantee of a personalised and unique experience your child won't forget.


Marika was taking care of our two girls during winter and spring time in Gstaad. She was teaching them how to ski, rollerblade, bike, dance and many more fun activities. Children love her as she is so gentle, smiley and always does so many different and fun activities with them. We are very grateful that she took such good care of our girls.


Marika is the most enthusiastic and smiling person I have met. She truly loves the children and really wants to transmit all her passions may them be art, dance, sports and nature. She is very patient and always manages to take the best out of children she cares for while teaching them good values. My children love having her around and respect her.   

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